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Unique protection for unique treasures
The security of a bank, the breadth of a warehouse.

In 2017 its state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and security architecture was updated.

ZentralDepot’s personalized service offers a one-stop shop for a full service regime for your valuables. A bespoke service framework is developed with every client.

ZentralDepot is approved by German customs to operate as a bonded warehouse and is one of the few AXA Global Risk Assessment Platform (GRASP) certified facilities in Germany.

Located in the geographic center of Germany, ZentralDepot is conveniently linked to the German Autobahn network between the intl. air cargo hubs Frankfurt and Leipzig.

Asset protection is always of paramount importance. ZentralDepot is a unique and highly secured depot opportunity. Rental spaces are available for Museums and Institutions, National and International Galleries, Private Collectors, Artists and Artist Estates, Estates and Foundations, and other clients with a special need for secure depots. Large valuables, which are not suitable for traditional bank vaults have a place here.


ZentralDepot offers exclusive, individual, ultra safe deposit spaces in a sophisticated and private environment.

The reuse of a former cash storage facility built in 2000 by the German Federal Bank ensures the pinnacle of security. The building surpasses every security standard.

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